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Tarragon: we plan to export no less than 10 Latvian made aircraft next year

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

These days private jets are not only used for travel, but also as means of transportation for everyday agendas – like aero taxi for flights to work. Both Europe and the USA have developed their infrastructure for this, which makes you forget about standing in mundane traffic jams. The aim of Latvian aircraft manufacturer Tarragon is to produce as many of these aircraft as possible in Latvia. Currently, among existing customers of Tarragon are a pilot for F1 and sportsman of Moto GP, whose names cannot be disclosed. Tarragons aircraft are ultralight their weight is only 337-380 kg, and they can reach the speed up to 370 km/h allowing them to cover distances of up to 1300 km in one flight.

To obtain the right to fly, a pilot’s license is required, however such aircraft will be more suitable for an experienced professional. These aircraft can fly at an altitude of 3-3,5 km. The ultra lightness and aircraft maneuverability is achieved by usage of carbon fiber materials in the production of fuselage, which is similar to how Formula-1 cars are produced.

Ingemārs Butkevičs, representative for Tarragon and pilot:” We have just moved the factory from Adazi to Riga, the area of the new site is 4500 m2. We work with the professionals in the field, nevertheless, we are happy to invite mechanics and CNC metalworking engineers to join our team. The production of single aircraft takes up to half a year, and we strive to increase our productivity. In the next year we plan to enter the Italian market, and the next market to research is French. These aircraft are just like a favorite toy for a man. A private aircraft is more than just a vehicle - it is a style of military, it's exclusive, an aircraft that is designed individually for each client. You can choose the engine, propeller, paint design, avionics equipment, interior decoration - this is how clients dreams come true. The cost of one aircraft is about 200 thousand euros, and to receive a pilot's license you are required to pass a 9-month training course, which will cost around 4500 euros”.

With the development of small aircraft, flights are becoming more accessible and convenient. If previously, flying on a private aircraft, for example, abroad for a meeting was considered to be exclusive, this practice is now becoming more common in Baltic countries as well. Currently, a flight to Warsaw in a private aircraft is much more profitable than a commercial aircraft, as rational economy of time in business is crucial. For example, you fly out with Tarragon at 10:00, in 2 hours you arrive in the polish airport, at 13:00 you have a meeting, and at 15:00 you can already fly back, saving you both time and spending on hotel expenses. Within a day you are able to be at a meeting abroad and come back to Riga while only spending 200-250 euros.

Latvian produced Tarragon aircraft furrow the sky of Latvia, Lithuania, Italy, Spain, USA, Mexico, Switzerland, Belgium and Germany.

As previously reported, the chairman of the board SIA «Pelegrin» Valentin Vasyaks died in a road accident while driving a motorcycle. The company has undergone a change of management and continues to operate.



Chris L
Chris L
Jan 20

awesome looking plane 😁


Dec 09, 2022

Should be interesting to have a comparision with the different engines.912 is, 914, 915


Unknown member
Feb 13, 2021

The plural of aircraft is aircraft.

"10 Latvian made aircraft".

"Tarragon's aircraft are ultralight..."

"These aircraft are..."

Otherwise, great news, keep on the hard work, guys!

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