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It all begun in 2009 when Igors Zvjagins and Valentin Vasjak were in Italy and saw the MILLENNIUM MASTER for the first time in flight and were amazed by its design and performance. Then they had an idea - to build a better quality ultra-light plane ourselves.
Pelegrin Ltd was founded on January 2010 and MILLENIUM MASTER Aircraft was built in less than 10 months. Thanks to Aivars Lejietis, who joined our team in 2012 as a main investor, we were able to develop and build a totally new aircraft, TARRAGON, that was designed by C.F.M. Air s.r.l. especially for Pelegrin Ltd.
Our experience helped us eliminate a lot of the common mistakes in ultra-light design and construction in order to create a new generation of aircraft – TARRAGON. TARRAGON is lighter, faster and more aerodynamic.
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Pelegrin Ltd CEO till 03.10.2020

President of Latvian Home Builders Association

In 2009 built 1st 100% original copy of “Farman 4” together with other Latvian avio constructors that is equipped with 1912 original engine. Valentin’s passion is feeling of freedom. Freedom that is given by a flight, a ride by a bike, and riding a horse. He never stops on a place. He always desires to reach new top. Ultra-Light pilot license since 2007.

In memory of Valentin Vasjak (12.01.1979 - 03.10.2020)

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Pelegrin Ltd member of the board

Since childhood, thanks’ to his father, Aivars has always been passionate about flying and aviation. He always dreamt to become a pilot and he received his Ultra-Light pilot license in 2007. In 2010 there was an accident during the flight with his Dynamic WT9. Thanks’ to God and Aivars’ will of life, personality and strength he survived. The most important fact is that the accident didn’t break his passion for flying; on the contrary, it stimulated him to believe in his own competence and Pelegrin Ltd to build TARRAGON. His motto is not only to crash aircrafts but to produce them well.

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Pelegrin Ltd member of the board.

Konor Ltd CEO (founded on 1992) – repair of energo equipment. Horus Laboratory Ltd member of the board ( - one of rare companies in Europe that carry out aerial aero thermography. Igors has always liked feeling of adrenaline – he enjoys motorbike riding, flying, skydiving. Ultra-Light pilot license since 2007.

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TARRAGON Test pilot

Director and a chief pilot-instructor of EVAD airfield: Pilot of the BALTIC BEES jet team - the first professional Civil Aerobatics Jet Team in the Baltic States. More than 3100 flight hours. 15 years had worked as a military pilot instructor.

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C.F.M. Air s.r.l. CEO

Degree in Mechanical design. In ALGAT developed a strong theoretical and practical expertise in the mechanical design and development field. In TAGO RUBBER carried out design and development work on new concept of press forming machines where he also patented a new machine concept.In 2005 cofounded CFM Air - involves in the design, development and manufacturing of sports and recreational aircraft. Marco holds a major expertise in the design and development of sports and recreational aircraft. From 1990 he has developed three different models of aircraft with aluminum structure and additional five others, including a UAV manufactured with CFC materials. Marco is a real passionate about flying and holds a ULM license.

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C.F.M. Air s.r.l. co-founder and co-owner

Master of Sciences in Aerospace Engineering (University of Houston). In 1983 he was assigned as an operational reconnaissance pilot on F-104G Starfighter. In 1992 he was selected as a candidate astronaut by the European Space Agency (ESA) and sent to NASA’s Johnson Space Center for astronaut training. He became an astronaut in 1993 and in 1996 he flew as STS-75 Mission Specialist aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia. In 2003 Maurizio Cheli has piloted the Eurofighter Typhoon against Michael Schumacher’s Ferrari F1 in the world reknown competition. Maurizio Cheli has accrued more than 380 hours in space and over 5000 flying hours, mostly on fast jets, on more than 100 different types of aircraft.

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